Intention Alignment

by Emma Morriss, past co-director and teacher
These days there is a growing awareness that we each create our own reality. With the power of affirmations, re-programming our thoughts and disciplining ourselves to feel good, we can create a more satisfying life for ourselves. Most of my experience with clients and students over the years is that we are all initially inspired by this teaching, but then tend to lose the connection gradually as old habits emerge again and we're back to experiencing less buoyant states of being. Why is this? Are we really just not getting the message? My experience is that the message in these teachings is incomplete, so here I offer some information to get a fuller picture of what it means to create our own reality. I hope it is useful for you. Please disregard anything that doesn't resonate with your truth.
We all have a powerful 'YES' current in us, which moves towards our greatest individual and collective well-being. It guides us to our most alive, vibrantly healthy state of co-creation with existence. However, there is just as powerful a 'NO' current, which lives in resistance to that communion and that aliveness, just for the sake of it. Whenever we are chronically blocked or stuck in our lives, this is the meeting place of the Yes/No. We've all been there. In this place, there is a limit to the positive programming techniques. We must consciously engage with healing the unconscious resistance and self-sabotage patterns. We've probably all been there as well: endless therapy and clearing of chakras to get rid of our blockages. And yet we can still end up feeling we're not getting anywhere. Does this sound familiar?
If it does, you may be ready for Intention Alignment Healing, which is also a self-healing technique that anyone can practise after the initial attunement. So what is this, another empty promise from some other healing modality? No, it is the awakening of our natural alignment to that YES current. It is the re-membering of our unified field of consciousness. It is the healing of our sense of separation and fragmentation. It is the awakening of our divine potential. I have seen the results of this, most powerfully with students who have gone through intensive self-transformation and become a living embodiment of their soul's purpose. Also with individual clients, who begin to feel a connection to their authentic nature and then face the challenge of living that fully and all the changes that may involve in their lives.
Intention Alignment is the awakening of three core energy centres that are part of the living architecture of our divine blueprint: the Human Energy Field. All healing happens here, in this beautifully crafted multi-dimensional hologram of consciousness. Our energy field is a sacred vehicle for the force of creation to express as a human being. We are meant to be living in the full flow of grace and co-creative expression of our divine nature. This creative potential is often a dormant force in us, deadened by that NO current and the choices we make from that place. When that deadness reaches the point of intense pain or chronic suffering, we are usually forced to awaken because it becomes so unbearable to stay asleep. All of us face this choice sooner or later in our lives.
The three core centres that need to awaken and come into alignment are: our earth connection, our soul connection and our spirit connection. We are usually out of balance somewhere within this trinity:
- If we have a strong spirit connection, we can live in false transcendence, rising above human contact and the challenges that entails. We can live in a beautiful holy bubble that is totally disengaged from everyday reality. We can love all of humanity but not sustain an intimate relationship with anyone.
- If we have a strong soul connection but we are not earthed, we may find it difficult to embody our soul purpose. Manifesting anything in this earthly dimension will be a great challenge, we can be intensely spiritual and soulful but our physical body may be weak and fragile.
- If we have a strong earth connection, we can be masters of the dimension of form, have a perfectly structured body and perfectly ordered life, but the magic is missing. Life becomes perfectly structured but soul-less.
Intention Alignment is experienced as a profound reconnection to one's inner nature. It is felt as a re-alignment to our central axis and an opening to our innermost core being. It has the effect of harmonising all other energy bodies.
Intention is a dimension of consciousness, not just a mental decision to focus on something we want. So many of the teachings about positive thinking are incomplete because they operate mainly on the mental or emotional bodies, without consideration of the other dimensions of consciousness that create our individual and collective 'reality'. Until we learn how to access the information that is stored in our energy field and release the patterns that do not serve us any more, we will remain stuck and frustrated in our attempts to create a fully satisfying and meaningful shared existence. We cannot do this by just mentally or emotionally reprogramming: the roots of these distorted patterns lie in other aspects of our energy field, which we can be trained to access. This is essential for our growth individually and collectively.
We all have a unique soul song, which is an utterly beautiful, radiant emanation from our authentic being. The sacred architecture of our energy field is like a finely constructed instrument that is meant to transmit the awesome beauty, wisdom and power of this song. It is like the music of the spheres: the sphere of spirit, soul and earth combining to make this beautiful symphony of us being alive here and now. Are you ready to tune your instrument and open to the Great Composer and that divine symphony?

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